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About Us

We provide computers, screens, IPADS and event technology services to companies,

productions and any privet our business event throughout the country. We believe we’re the

very best at what we do with best prices!



השכרת מקרן | השכרת מקרנים


השכרת מסך | השכרת מסכים


השכרת מסך מגע


השכרת מסך ומקרן לאירועים


השכרת מקרן ומסך


NIGHT NET specializes in computer systems, projectors, led screens, ,

Internet equipment with technicians to the events and conferences

The service is available with quick Response time with high-quality

equipment and best price in the market!!!

rental service computers, screens and accessories for events and

conferences -

using the knowledge and experience accumulated over 15 years since


some of our work:

השכרת מסכים לאירועים והפקות


השכרת מחשבים להפקות ואירועים